Andrew Hershberger -

 I have been working in clay since the day I could shape a ball out of mud.  My father is a potter and sculptor as well as an educator and at a young age I became fascinated with his ability to turn wet lumps of mud into beautiful functional stone.  Over the years, I have explored several different clay bodies and numerous glazes and firing environments, but currently I throw a high fire porcelain body for my functional ware and high fire Terra Cotta for my sculptural pieces.    

My functional ware is focused on creating forms that are comfortable for the user but still offers a depth of character and color to offer the user new dimensions in daily use.  They are all lead free, non toxic and microwave/dishwasher safe.   


Giving forward
I believe in giving forward and to those less fortunate.  10% of all my review will be split among two very important charities.  Free the Slaves  and World Food Programme .

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About the mud studio

This small pottery located in the heart of Chicago's Garfield Park neighborhood focuses on porcelain functional ware and sculpture stoneware. 

Andrew Hershberger Mud Studio

Chicago, Il 60624